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SSH in clojure.  Uses jsch.  Provides a ssh function that tries to look similar

## Usage

The top level namespace is `clj-ssh.ssh`

(use 'clj-ssh.ssh)

There is a simple `ssh` function, which by default, will try and use a id_rsa
key in your $HOME/.ssh directory.

(ssh hostname cmd)

Strict host key checking can be turned off.

(default-session-options {:strict-host-key-checking :no})

More advance usage is possible.

(with-ssh-agent []
(add-identity path-to-private-key)
(let [session (session hostname :strict-host-key-checking :no)]
(with-connection session
(let [result (ssh session :in commands-string :result-map true)]
(println (result :out)))
(let [result (ssh session some-cmd-string)]
(println (second result))))))

## Installation

Via maven and the clojars (, or
Leiningen (

## License

Licensed under EPL (

Vars in clj-ssh.ssh