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  • (seq-ref-list-model seq-ref)

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(defn seq-ref-list-model [seq-ref]
  (let [listeners (atom #{})
	key (gensym "seq-ref-list-model-watch")
	m (list-model
	   :size ([] (count @seq-ref))
	   :add-listener ([l] (swap! listeners conj l))
	   :remove-listener ([l] (swap! listeners disj l))
	   :get ([i] (if (has-index? @seq-ref i) (nth @seq-ref i) nil))
    (add-watch seq-ref key 
	       (fn [_ _ _ state]
		  (let [m (ListDataEvent. m (ListDataEvent/CONTENTS_CHANGED) 0 (count state))]
		    (doseq [l @listeners]
		      (.contentsChanged l m))))))
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