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  • (mapref-tree-model map-ref root-node & {node-wrapper :node-wrapper, leaf? :leaf?, :or {node-wrapper (fn [node path] (Pathed. node (str node) path)), leaf? (fn [node map-ref] (not (map? (get-in (clojure.core/deref map-ref) (path node)))))}})

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(defn mapref-tree-model 
  [map-ref root-node &
   {node-wrapper :node-wrapper leaf? :leaf?
    :or {node-wrapper (fn [node path] (Pathed. node (str node) path))
	 leaf? (fn [node map-ref] 
		  (not (map? (get-in @map-ref (path node)))))}}]
  (let [listeners (atom [])
	root (node-wrapper root-node [])
	(proxy [TreeModel] []
	  (addTreeModelListener [l] (swap! listeners conj l))
	  (getChild [node idx]
		    (let [par (get-in @map-ref (path node))
			  ks (keys par)
			  chi (nth ks idx)]
		      (node-wrapper chi (conj (path node) chi))))
	  (getChildCount [node]
			 (count (keys (get-in @map-ref (path node)))))
	  (getIndexOfChild [n chi]
			   (let [ks (keys (get-in @map-ref (path n)))]
			     (index-of ks (node chi))))
	  (getRoot [] 
	  (isLeaf [node]
		  (leaf? node map-ref))
	  (removeTreeModelListener [l] (swap! listeners #(remove (partial = l) %)))
	   [path value]
	    (alter map-ref update-in (.getLastPathComponent path) (constantly value)))))]
    (add-watch map-ref (gensym)
	       (fn [k r o n]
		  (let [c (changed-path n o)
			k-n (set (keys (get-in n c)))
			k-o (set (keys (get-in o c)))
			only-n (difference k-n k-o)
			only-o (difference k-o k-n)
			_ (prn 1 only-n only-o)
			node-changed (and 
				      (= 1 (count only-n) (count only-o))
				      (= (get-in n (concat c only-n))
					 (get-in o (concat c only-o))))
;			c (if node-changed (concat c only-n) c)
			p (loop [ps [] c c]
			    (if (empty? c)
			      (reverse (conj ps root))
			      (recur (conj ps (node-wrapper (last c) (vec c))) (butlast c))))
			tp (TreePath. (to-array p))
			e (TreeModelEvent. model tp)]
		    (doseq [l @listeners]
		      (if node-changed
			  (.treeStructureChanged l e)
			(.treeStructureChanged l e)))))))
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