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  • (make-map args cmdspec)

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(defn make-map [args cmdspec]
  (let [{spec true [rest-sym] false} (group-by vector? cmdspec)
        rest-str (str rest-sym)
        key-data (into {} (for [[syms [_ default]] (map #(split-with symbol? %)
                                                        (conj spec '[help? h?]))
                                sym syms]
                            [(re-find #"^.*[^?]" (str sym))
                             {:sym (str (first syms)) :default default}]))
        defaults (into {} (for [[_ {:keys [default sym]}] key-data
                                :when default]
                            [sym default]))]
    (loop [[argkey & [argval :as r]] args
           cmdmap (assoc defaults :cmdspec cmdspec rest-str [])]
      (if argkey
        (let [[_ & [keybase]] (re-find #"^--?(.*)" argkey)]
            (= keybase nil) (recur r (update-in cmdmap [rest-str] conj argkey))
            (= keybase "")  (update-in cmdmap [rest-str] #(apply conj % r))
            :else (if-let [found (key-data keybase)]
                    (if (= \? (last (:sym found)))
                      (recur r (assoc cmdmap (:sym found) true))
                      (recur (next r) (assoc cmdmap (:sym found)
                                             (if (or (nil? r) (= \- (ffirst r)))
                                               (:default found)
                                               (first r)))))
                    (throw (Exception. (str "Unknown option " argkey))))))
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