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  • (print-help desc cmdmap)

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(defn print-help [desc cmdmap]
  (println desc)
  (println "Options")
     (apply align [:l :l :l] 
        (for [spec (:cmdspec cmdmap) :when (vector? spec)]
            (let [[argnames [text default]] (split-with symbol? spec)
                  [_ opt q] (re-find #"^(.*[^?])(\??)$"
                                 (str (first argnames)))
                  argnames  (map (comp rmv-q str) argnames)
                        (join ", "
                          (for [arg argnames]
                            (if (= 1 (count arg))
                              (str "-" arg)
                              (str "--" arg))))]
               [(str "  " argnames (when (= "" q) " ") " ")
                (if-not default
                  (str " [default " default "]"))])))))
Vars in clojure.contrib.command-line/print-help: apply defn for let println
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