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  • (deferror name [parent-error?] doc-string? [args*] & body)
  • (deferror name [parent-error?] doc-string? args-destruct-map & body)
Define a new error type

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(defmacro deferror
  "Define a new error type"
  {:arglists '([name [parent-error?] doc-string? [args*] & body]
               [name [parent-error?] doc-string? args-destruct-map & body])}
  [err-name pvec & decl]
  (let [pvec (if (empty? pvec) [`error] pvec)
        [docstr args & body] (if (string? (first decl)) decl (cons nil decl))
        args (or args [])
        argmap (if (vector? args) `{:keys ~args} args)
        body (or body {})
        qual-err-name (symbol (str *ns*) (name err-name))]
    (assert (== (count pvec) 1)) ; only support single-inheritance for now
    (assert (vector? args)) ; only vector (keyword destruct) args for now
       (defn ~err-name [details#]
         (let [basedata# ((resolve (first (parents '~qual-err-name))) details#)
               ~argmap basedata#]
           (merge basedata# {:tag '~qual-err-name} (do ~@body) details#)))
       (alter-meta! (var ~err-name) assoc
                    :doc ~docstr ::args ~(vec (map #(keyword (str %)) args)))
       ~@(for [parent pvec]
           `(derive '~qual-err-name '~(qualify-sym parent)))
       (var ~err-name))))
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