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(defn end-block [^Writer this]
   (let [lb (getf :logical-blocks)
         ^String suffix (:suffix lb)]
     (if (= (getf :mode) :writing)
         (write-white-space this)
         (if suffix
           (.write (getf :base) suffix))
         (when-let [cb (getf :logical-block-callback)] (cb :end)))
       (let [oldpos (getf :pos)
             newpos (+ oldpos (if suffix (count suffix) 0))]
         (setf :pos newpos)
         (add-to-buffer this (make-end-block-t lb oldpos newpos))))
     (setf :logical-blocks (:parent lb)))))
Vars in clojure.contrib.pprint.pretty-writer/end-block: = defn dosync let when-let
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