• (evaluate-soft-work-set ws db)
  • (evaluate-soft-work-set ws db bindings)

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(defn evaluate-soft-work-set
  ([ws db] (evaluate-soft-work-set ws db {}))
  ([ws db bindings]
     (let [query (:query ws)
           strat (:stratification ws)
           seed (seed-predicate-for-insertion query)
           seeded-db (project-literal db seed [bindings] is-query-var?)
           fun (fn [data]
                 (weak-consq-operator data strat))
           equal (fn [db1 db2]
                   (= (database-counts db1) (database-counts db2)))
           new-db (graph/fixed-point seeded-db fun nil equal)
           pt (build-partial-tuple query bindings)]
       (select new-db (literal-predicate query) pt))))
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