• (pprint-defn alis)

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(defn pprint-defn [alis]
  (if (next alis) 
    (let [[defn-sym defn-name & stuff] alis
          [doc-str stuff] (if (string? (first stuff))
                            [(first stuff) (next stuff)]
                            [nil stuff])
          [attr-map stuff] (if (map? (first stuff))
                             [(first stuff) (next stuff)]
                             [nil stuff])]
      (pprint-logical-block :prefix "(" :suffix ")"
        ((formatter-out "~w ~1I~@_~w") defn-sym defn-name)
        (if doc-str
          ((formatter-out " ~_~w") doc-str))
        (if attr-map
          ((formatter-out " ~_~w") attr-map))
        ;; Note: the multi-defn case will work OK for malformed defns too
         (vector? (first stuff)) (single-defn stuff (or doc-str attr-map))
         :else (multi-defn stuff (or doc-str attr-map)))))
    (pprint-simple-code-list alis)))
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