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  • (definterface name & sigs)

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  • ;; Part of a definterface from a Clojure program for the n-body problem
    ;; at the Computer Language Benchmarks Game web site.
    ;; For the rest of the program using it, see:
    ;; Currently Clojure does not permit type hints of arrays, e.g. ^ints as
    ;; argument types or return types in a definterface.  This may be enhanced
    ;; later.
    (definterface IBody
      (^String name [])  ;; return type String, no arguments
      (^double mass [])  ;; return type double
      (^double x [])
      (clone [] "returns copy of self")   ; return type defaults to ^Object
      ;; 3 arguments of type double.  A deftype that implements this interface
      ;; must implement the method p!  The definterface must use:
      ;; _BANG_ for ! in Clojure method name
      ;; _PLUS_ for +
      ;; _ for -
      (p_BANG_ [^double x ^double y ^double z] "set pos.")
      ;; After name demangling, this must be implemented by Clojure method named v+!
      (v_PLUS__BANG_ [^double vx ^double vy ^double vz] "add to velocity"))
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(defmacro definterface 
  [name & sigs]
  (let [tag (fn [x] (or (:tag (meta x)) Object))
        psig (fn [[name [& args]]]
               (vector name (vec (map tag args)) (tag name) (map meta args)))
        cname (with-meta (symbol (str (namespace-munge *ns*) "." name)) (meta name))]
    `(let [] 
       (gen-interface :name ~cname :methods ~(vec (map psig sigs)))
       (import ~cname))))
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