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  • (defmacro name doc-string? attr-map? [params*] body)
  • (defmacro name doc-string? attr-map? ([params*] body) + attr-map?)
Like defn, but the resulting function name is declared as a
macro and will be used as a macro by the compiler when it is

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  • (defmacro with-tree [tree & body]
      "works on a JTree and restores its expanded paths after executing body"
      `(let [tree# ~tree
             root# (.getRoot (.getModel tree#))
             expanded# (if-let [x# (.getExpandedDescendants
                                    tree# (TreePath. root#))]
                         (enumeration-seq x#)
             selectionpaths# (. selectionmodel# getSelectionPaths)]
         (doseq [path# expanded#]
           (.expandPath tree# path#))))
    ;; usage:
    (with-tree *one-jtree-instance*
       ;; some code here...
  • (defmacro unless [pred a b]
      `(if (not ~pred) ~a ~b))
    ;; usage:
    (unless false (println "Will print") (println "Will not print"))
  • (def dbg 1)
    (defmacro chk-flagM
      "Throws an exception if flag does not resolve; else returns flag's value."
      (if (not (resolve flag))
        (throw (Exception. (str 'flag " is not a valid var.")))
    (defn write-csv-file
      "Writes a csv file using a key and an s-o-s"
      [out-sos out-file]
      (if (>= (chk-flagM dbg) 2)
        (println (first out-sos), "\n", out-file))
      (spit out-file "" :append false)
      (with-open [out-data (io/writer out-file)]
          (csv/write-csv out-data (map #(concat % [""]) out-sos))))
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 ^{:doc "Like defn, but the resulting function name is declared as a
  macro and will be used as a macro by the compiler when it is
   :arglists '([name doc-string? attr-map? [params*] body]
                 [name doc-string? attr-map? ([params*] body)+ attr-map?])
   :added "1.0"}
 defmacro (fn [&form &env 
                name & args]
             (let [prefix (loop [p (list name) args args]
                            (let [f (first args)]
                              (if (string? f)
                                (recur (cons f p) (next args))
                                (if (map? f)
                                  (recur (cons f p) (next args))
                   fdecl (loop [fd args]
                           (if (string? (first fd))
                             (recur (next fd))
                             (if (map? (first fd))
                               (recur (next fd))
                   fdecl (if (vector? (first fdecl))
                           (list fdecl)
                   add-implicit-args (fn [fd]
                             (let [args (first fd)]
                               (cons (vec (cons '&form (cons '&env args))) (next fd))))
                   add-args (fn [acc ds]
                              (if (nil? ds)
                                (let [d (first ds)]
                                  (if (map? d)
                                    (conj acc d)
                                    (recur (conj acc (add-implicit-args d)) (next ds))))))
                   fdecl (seq (add-args [] fdecl))
                   decl (loop [p prefix d fdecl]
                          (if p
                            (recur (next p) (cons (first p) d))
               (list 'do
                     (cons `defn decl)
                     (list '. (list 'var name) '(setMacro))
                     (list 'var name)))))
Vars in clojure.core/defmacro: cons fn let list name defn
Used in 370 other vars (expand)
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