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  • (defn name doc-string? attr-map? [params*] body)
  • (defn name doc-string? attr-map? ([params*] body) + attr-map?)
Same as (def name (fn [params* ] exprs*)) or (def
name (fn ([params* ] exprs*)+)) with any doc-string or attrs added
to the var metadata

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  • user=> (defn foo [a b c]
    	    (* a b c))
    user=> (foo 1 2 3)
    user=> (defn bar [a b & [c]]
             (if c
               (* a b c)
               (* a b 100)))
    user=> (bar 5 6)
    user=> (bar 5 6 2)
    user=> (defn baz [a b & {:keys [c d] :or {c 10 d 20}}]
             (* a b c d))
    user=> (baz 2 3)
    user=> (baz 2 3 :c 5)
    user=> (baz 2 3 :c 5 :d 6)
    user=> (defn boo [a b & {:keys [c d] :or {c 10 d 20} :as all-specified}]
              (println all-specified)
              (* a b c d))
    user=> (boo 2 3)
    user=> (boo 2 3 :c 5)
    {:c 5}
    user=> (boo 1 2 :d 3 :c 4)
    {:c 4, :d 3}
  • user=> (defn bar
             ([a b]   (bar a b 100))
             ([a b c] (* a b c)))
    user=> (bar 5 6)
    user=> (bar 5 6 2)
  • ;; You can use destructuring to have keyword arguments. This would be a
    ;; pretty verbose version of map (in an example a bit more verbose than
    ;; the first above):
    (defn keyworded-map [& {function :function sequence :sequence}]
      (map function sequence))
    ;; You can call it like this:
    user=> (keyworded-map :sequence [1 2 3] :function #(+ % 2))
    (3 4 5)
    ;; The declaration can be shortened with ":keys" if your local variables 
    ;; should be named in the same way as your keys in the map:
    (defn keyworded-map [& {:keys [function sequence]}]
      (map function sequence))
  • (defn somefn
      [req1 req2 ;required params
       & {:keys [a b c d e] ;optional params
          :or {a 1 ;optional params with preset default values other than the nil default
                      ; b takes nil if not specified on call
                c 3 ; c is 3 when not specified on call
                d 0 ; d is 0 --//--
                      ; e takes nil if not specified on call
          :as mapOfParamsSpecifiedOnCall ;takes nil if no extra params(other than the required ones) are specified on call
      (println req1 req2 mapOfParamsSpecifiedOnCall a b c d e)
    => (somefn 9 10 :b 2 :d 4)
    ;9 10 {:b 2, :d 4} 1 2 3 4 nil
    => (somefn)
    ;ArityException Wrong number of args (0) passed to: funxions$somefn  ;clojure.lang.AFn.throwArity (
    => (somefn 9 10)
    ;9 10 nil 1 nil 3 0 nil
    => (somefn 9 10 :x 123)
    ;9 10 {:x 123} 1 nil 3 0 nil
    => (somefn 9 10 123)
    ;IllegalArgumentException No value supplied for key: 123  ;clojure.lang.PersistentHashMap.create (
    => (somefn 9 10 123 45)
    ;9 10 {123 45} 1 nil 3 0 nil
    => (try 
         (somefn 9 10 123)
         (catch IllegalArgumentException e (println "caught:" e)))
    ;caught: #<IllegalArgumentException java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No value supplied for key: 123>
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 ^{:doc "Same as (def name (fn [params* ] exprs*)) or (def
    name (fn ([params* ] exprs*)+)) with any doc-string or attrs added
    to the var metadata"
   :arglists '([name doc-string? attr-map? [params*] body]
                [name doc-string? attr-map? ([params*] body)+ attr-map?])
   :added "1.0"}
 defn (fn defn [&form &env name & fdecl]
        (let [m (if (string? (first fdecl))
                  {:doc (first fdecl)}
              fdecl (if (string? (first fdecl))
                      (next fdecl)
              m (if (map? (first fdecl))
                  (conj m (first fdecl))
              fdecl (if (map? (first fdecl))
                      (next fdecl)
              fdecl (if (vector? (first fdecl))
                      (list fdecl)
              m (if (map? (last fdecl))
                  (conj m (last fdecl))
              fdecl (if (map? (last fdecl))
                      (butlast fdecl)
              m (conj {:arglists (list 'quote (sigs fdecl))} m)
              m (let [inline (:inline m)
                      ifn (first inline)
                      iname (second inline)]
                  ;; same as: (if (and (= 'fn ifn) (not (symbol? iname))) ...)
                  (if (if (clojure.lang.Util/equiv 'fn ifn)
                        (if (instance? clojure.lang.Symbol iname) false true))
                    ;; inserts the same fn name to the inline fn if it does not have one
                    (assoc m :inline (cons ifn (cons (clojure.lang.Symbol/intern (.concat (.getName name) "__inliner"))
                                                     (next inline))))
              m (conj (if (meta name) (meta name) {}) m)]
          (list 'def (with-meta name m)
                (list '.withMeta (cons `fn (cons name fdecl)) (list '.meta (list 'var name)))))))
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sorted-map read-line re-pattern keyword? val chunked-seq? find-protocol-impl vector-of object-array max-key list* ns-aliases the-ns == chunk-buffer special-form-anchor syntax-symbol-anchor format sequential? fn? empty dorun remove-method gensym not= unchecked-multiply bit-or hash-set add-watch unchecked-dec some nil? boolean-array keys long-array pop-thread-bindings error-mode bit-set spit find-protocol-method sorted? short-array ns-unalias ns-publics char-array all-ns long init-proxy add-classpath false? await1 true? short ns-unmap repeat zipmap distinct get-in bit-xor complement get-validator ref-max-history print-namespace-doc promise pop! derive extend -reset-methods commute partition-by rem odd? symbol? thread-bound? proxy-call-with-super ns-interns re-matches split-with munge find-doc future-done? deliver symbol vals print-doc select-keys re-matcher rand deref unchecked-inc read sequence make-hierarchy + number? assoc! descendants into-array unchecked-negate integer? alter prn * - reversible? rseq send-off identical? print vary-meta agent-error bit-flip zero? bit-and re-groups newline replicate keep-indexed distinct? remove-ns ratio? xml-seq vec concat update-in vector with-bindings* bases / unchecked-add ref-set seque boolean read-string neg? float-array isa? future-call extends? remove-watch print-str ref-history-count rsubseq future? split-at chunk-cons ns-refers create-struct int-array float map counted? double-array accessor frequencies class? rand-int prn-str iterate chunk-append slurp restart-agent mapcat assoc-in get-thread-bindings special-symbol? ref conj! find-var inc future-cancel definline bound-fn* unchecked-subtract ns-name shuffle defn- re-find bit-not construct-proxy ref-min-history destructure intern to-array-2d sorted-map-by filter var? alter-meta! key class re-seq -cache-protocol-fn empty? test create-ns name list? aset doall extenders macroexpand-1 resultset-seq reductions into transient bit-clear proxy-name load-reader hash print-ctor associative? float? drop-last replace decimal? parents prefers numerator quot chunk-rest file-seq send reverse count get-proxy-class set comp nth byte dissoc! constantly load namespace pr-str < rationalize sort-by cycle peek denominator interleave macroexpand var-set str ns-imports remove-all-methods bean = memoize var-get range tree-seq defmacro set-validator! enumeration-seq prefer-method partition-all ensure find-ns struct-map > max proxy-mappings identity min-key reset-meta! push-thread-bindings subs compile agent-errors clear-agent-errors printf ns-resolve method-sig >= shutdown-agents reset! even? require bit-shift-left methods future-cancelled? compare sorted-set-by cast namespace-munge supers pcalls load-string group-by get <= await resolve bound? loaded-libs fnil force partial pmap comparator pos? char take-while refer underive iterator-seq ancestors hash-combine persistent! partition map-indexed contains? update-proxy interpose chunk ifn? apply swap! subvec byte-array keyword ns-map set-error-mode! int release-pending-sends mod bigdec nthnext struct array-map bigint dec println aget pr drop clojure-version eval unchecked-remainder aclone pop atom bit-shift-right delay? num disj rational? merge-with take-nth double take-last line-seq take set? make-array rand-nth alias use juxt alength chunk-first to-array hash-map bit-and-not compare-and-set! type repeatedly trampoline set-error-handler! remove find coll? drop-while not-empty flatten print-special-doc println-str chunk-next every? satisfies? flush sort dissoc not error-handler get-method agent sorted-set alter-var-root merge subseq min print-simple bit-test await-for keep disj! unchecked-divide inspect old-table-model inspect-tree atom? collection-tag inspect-table tree-model list-model browse-url output-stream copy file writer as-relative-path make-parents reader delete-file resource input-stream add-local-javadoc add-remote-javadoc javadoc sh repl-exception repl-caught load-script skip-whitespace skip-if-eol repl-read repl-prompt repl main get-pretty-writer write write-out pprint-indent cl-format pprint fresh-line pprint-newline set-pprint-dispatch pprint-tab apropos dir-fn source-fn rename-keys union select project superset? join subset? intersection map-invert difference rename index print-throwable print-stack-trace print-cause-trace root-cause e print-trace-element trim lower-case split join upper-case trimr split-lines triml replace reverse capitalize escape blank? replace-first trim-newline apply-template join-fixtures assert-predicate testing-contexts-str testing-vars-str get-possibly-unbound-var run-tests test-ns function? file-position test-all-vars run-all-tests assert-any inc-report-counter successful? compose-fixtures test-var start-suite failure-el indent finish-case message-el element-content finish-element start-element error-el suite-attrs test-name package-class finish-suite start-case print-tap-pass print-tap-fail print-tap-diagnostic print-tap-plan walk prewalk-demo postwalk-demo keywordize-keys stringify-keys prewalk postwalk postwalk-replace macroexpand-all prewalk-replace startparse-sax parse emit-element emit lefts down insert-left up next path children vector-zip append-child zipper branch? end? leftmost edit replace insert-right root insert-child prev seq-zip xml-zip make-node rights node right left remove rightmost empty-tuple add-items encode encode-str classpath-directories classpath-jarfiles classpath make-map join print-help print-stack-trace separate name-with-attributes seqable? defn-memo new-by-name defnk dissoc-in reverse-graph build-source-cell remove-cells update-values add-cell-watcher get-cells add-cells throwf get-old-value get-cell get-values print-dataflow get-source-cells get-neighbors dependency-list build-validator-cell source-cell? build-dataflow get-value build-standard-cell get-value-from-cell run-work-plan replace-relation all-predicates merge-relations select add-index any-match? display-query display-rule return-rule-data ensure-relation get-all-relations add-relation build-rule build-work-plan non-base-rules predicate-map apply-rule get-relation compute-sip rules-set datalog-database database-merge-parallel datalog-relation evaluate-soft-work-set database-merge remove-tuple build-soft-strat-work-plan database-counts merge-indexes make-rules-set apply-rules-set add-tuples is-safe? add-tuple reverse-map keys-to-vals is-query-var? map-values preduce is-var? build-seed-bindings delta-literal get-adorned-bindings project-literal negated? literal-magic? subset? get-base-predicate magic-literal positive? build-atom negated-literal magic-transform adorn-query build-partial-tuple adorn-rules-set seed-rule seed-relation seed-predicate-for-insertion indexed spit append-spit slurp* make-parents write-lines file-str read-lines pwd append-writer deferror rebind-fn error raise* throw-if throw-if-not throw-arg in-case-test ns-decl? find-ns-decls-in-jarfile comment? read-ns-decl find-namespaces-in-dir find-clojure-sources-in-dir clojure-sources-in-jar clojure-source-file? find-ns-decls-on-classpath read-ns-decl-from-jarfile-entry find-namespaces-in-jarfile find-namespaces-on-classpath find-ns-decls-in-dir read-file-ns-decl fnmap create -iterator -valAt -empty -cons -seq -assoc -init -count generate-documentation-to-file add-local-javadoc show generate-toggle-namespace-script get-source run* expression-info apropos add-remote-javadoc add-break-thread! generate-documentation start-handling-break generate-all-namespaces-action-script find-javadoc-url javadoc prxml nary-dispatch max min approx= fixed-point add-loops component-graph self-recursive-sets remove-loops recursive-component? scc transitive-closure post-ordered-nodes lazy-walk stratification-list greatest-by all-least-by all-least greatest least least-by all-greatest all-greatest-by request-body request-headers done? status headers-seq request-uri string client-error? method error? redirect? bytes server-error? http-agent stream success? headers result message buffer-bytes http-connection start-http-connection spit append-spit file slurp* make-parents write-lines delete-file file-str read-lines pwd append-output-stream append-writer delete-file-recursively filenames-in-jar jar-file? read-properties file as-str as-properties delete-file write-properties wall-hack-method get-system-property wall-hack-field set-system-properties delete-file-recursively browse-url open-url-in-swing open-url-in-browser open-url-in-swing op-param-types readable? write! tabular-data->map raw-read build-attribute-info maybe-atomize register-mbean mbean-names as-str mbean-info invoke guess-attribute-typename jmx-url read-supported operation-names composite-data->map map->attribute-infos operation attribute-info operations attribute-names maybe-keywordize mbean -getAttributes -getAttribute generate-mbean-info -init -getMBeanInfo json-str pprint-json write print-json read-json powers-of-2 fibs parse-trim startparse-sax fill-queue parse-seq attributes emit log-stream log-uncapture! log-capture! mexpand-all mexpand-1 mexpand safe-get safe-get-in deep-merge-with abs exact-integer-sqrt gcd lcm format-constraint do-layout components add-components format-constraints component? miglayout parse-item-constraints get-components constraint? parse-component-constraint mmap buffer-stream slurp load-file has-matching-signature? more-than returns no-matching-function-signature make-arg-checker never make-mock ns-vars between print-docs validate-counts unexpected-args make-count-checker once print-dir less-than calls get-ns report-problem incorrect-invocation-count immigrate read-line with-reader read-char print state-m-until write read-lines skip-chars with-writer with-io-streams println flush censor maybe-t call-cc listen writer-m defmonadfn set-val update-state with-state-field run-cont fetch-val set-state fetch-state sequence-t update-val state-t ancestor? pprint-map column-writer unzip-map get-writer consume-while toks write-white-space prerr pprint-simple-list map-passing-context execute-format pprint-agent consume end-block level-exceeded pprint-defn pprint-condp get-pretty-writer indent pretty-writer get-column set-max-column prefix-count rtrim set-logical-block-callback pprint-list pprint-anon-func buffer-length emit-nl set-miser-width pprint-let get-line pprint-atom pprint-simple-default get-max-column write-out ltrim start-block pprint-indent cl-format use-method init-navigator pprint pprint-simple-code-list nl fresh-line pprint-cond tuple-map pprint-ref two-forms pprint-code-list pprint-code-symbol compile-format get-miser-width pprint-binding-form add-core-ns pprint-newline pprint-vector set-pprint-dispatch pprint-tab pprint-reader-macro cond-prob select choose certainly normalize join-with uniform binomial normalize-cond bernoulli zipf make-distribution prob lognormal sample-mean-variance sample sample-sum discrete exponential interval n-sphere sample-mean normal-box-muller normal sample-reduce reject summarize print-summary read-properties as-properties write-properties get-system-property set-system-properties escape get-field call-method repl-info set-repl-name print-repl-info set-repl-prompt repl-prompt repl stream-repl partition-by frequencies shuffle reductions rotations partition-all group-by positions includes? find-first flatten rand-elt separate indexed partition-by fill-queue frequencies shuffle reductions rotations partition-all group-by positions includes? find-first flatten rand-elt create-repl-server connection-count create-server close-server superset? proper-subset? proper-superset? sh sh global-singleton per-thread-singleton set-rollback-only update-values print-sql-exception drop-table print-sql-exception-chain with-query-results* insert-records print-update-counts is-rollback-only find-connection* insert-values connection* transaction* do-commands get-connection create-table rollback do-prepared throw-rollback insert-rows delete-rows update-or-insert-values with-connection* chomp re-sub str-join re-split chop re-partition re-gsub chomp trim lower-case repeat split butlast map-str join swap-case rtrim upper-case codepoints split-lines ltrim reverse get partial capitalize escape grep blank? partition contains? drop chop take tail title-case pick pick-all defst stream-seq stream-flatten stream-drop chomp replace-char trim lower-case repeat split replace-str butlast map-str swap-case rtrim upper-case replace-by codepoints split-lines replace-first-by substring? ltrim reverse get replace-re capitalize grep blank? partition replace-first-re drop replace-first-str chop take tail make-menubar make-action add-key-typed-listener add-action-listener do-swing* join-fixtures assert-predicate testing-contexts-str testing-vars-str get-possibly-unbound-var find-symbols apply-template flatten-map run-tests test-ns function? file-position test-all-vars run-all-tests assert-any inc-report-counter successful? compose-fixtures test-var find-pure-exprs template? find-holes tracer trace deftrace trace-indent trace-fn-call leftmost? auto? children descendants mapcat-chain auto right-locs children-auto ancestors rightmost? left-locs attr xml1-> seq-test text tag= xml-> text= attr= run-httpcore executor-execute update-servlet-response merge-servlet-keys defservice servlet build-request-map run-jetty make-service-method file-response status response redirect handle-dump header content-type base64-decode url-decode wrap-cookies url-encode base64-encode wrap-file wrap-file-info wrap-flash wrap-keyword-params wrap-lint parse-multipart-params wrap-multipart-params assoc-param wrap-params wrap-reload memory-store wrap-session cookie-store wrap-stacktrace wrap-static string-input-stream sample-proportions bind-columns sample-mvn-params plus minus matrix nrow half-vectorize symmetric-matrix sample-mvn trans div sample-inv-wishart sample-gamma mean sample-dirichlet kronecker vectorize identity-matrix mult solve sample-model-params sample-normal sample-multinomial-params decomp-cholesky mmult ncol truncated-variance pdf-normal censored-mean-upper censored-variance-upper censored-mean-lower censored-variance-two-sided censored-variance-lower censored-mean-two-sided cdf-normal pow sd area-chart* get-series set-x-label quantile-normal stacked-area-chart* add-function* scatter-plot* grid-apply set-y-range set-stroke-color $ quantile add-histogram* set-title clear-background add-image add-pointer histogram* add-points* conj-cols cumulative-mean heat-map* slider set-background-alpha function-plot* add-polygon $group-by set-y-label add-categories* set-x-range box-plot* add-text set-alpha stacked-bar-chart* group-on pie-chart* trace-plot set-stroke qq-plot add-box-plot* bar-chart* xy-plot* bland-altman-plot matrix? 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remap filter-kind export-font get-pixel bezier-point texture load-strings background-image dist light-specular degrees begin-shape noise height set-image-at cursor-image point-light vertex directional-light camera reset-matrix seconds radians AMBIENT bezier-detail create-output stroke-weight curve-tightness text specular no-lights reverse-array create-input-raw minute smooth text-mode background end-shape start-loop texture-mode curve-vertex string->text frame-count list-fonts red shininess width millis tint text-ascent point quad load-shape destroy noise-seed ALPHA load-bytes no-stroke ELLIPSE hue print-camera bezier print-matrix end-raw text-descend lerp-color ROUND create-reader char->text color load-image triangle rotate-z load-matrix no-fill frustum no-cursor PERSPECTIVE set-pixel rotate text-leading create-graphics norm IMAGE blue stroke-cap curve-tangent NORMAL blend-color pop-matrix year no-loop num->text RECT can-draw? screen-z hour noise-detail create-writer screen-y curve-point ellipse-mode text-align mask create-path load-font size model-z rect-mode cursor apply-matrix month screen-x bezier-tangent end-camera create-font emissive green fill push-matrix string->text-in spotlight model-x text-font curve image-mode curve-detail model-y print-projection mouse-y brightness rotate-x day blend sphere-detail mouse-x rotate-y no-smooth save-frame hint mask-image lights no-tint request-image create-input begin-raw exit ceil save-font copy-pixels arc saturation ortho bezier-vertex stroke stroke-join principal-components covariance som-batch-train cdf-t correlation-linearity-test normalized-kendall-tau-distance t-test pdf-f cdf-exp odds-ratio manhattan-distance sum-of-square-devs-from-mean rank-index quantile-t tabulate variance chisq-test pdf-neg-binomial detabulate mahalanobis-distance dice-coefficient-str cdf-gamma cdf-beta pairings lee-distance sample damerau-levenshtein-distance square-devs-from-mean pdf-poisson bigrams pdf-exp product-marginal-test sorensen-index sample-uniform sample-t levenshtein-distance n-grams discordant-pairs kendalls-tau sample-exp sample-multinomial spearmans-rho pdf-gamma jaccard-index cdf-poisson cdf-uniform permute skewness pdf-binomial cdf-binomial cosine-similarity median cdf-empirical gamma-coefficient dice-coefficient indicator simple-regression sample-poisson cdf-chisq sample-permutations pdf-chisq pdf-uniform sample-beta cdf-f predict hamming-distance pdf-t pairs minkowski-distance concordant? sum-variance-test within pdf-beta sweep kendalls-w linear-model tanimoto-coefficient correlation-ratio bootstrap cdf-neg-binomial sample-neg-binomial correlation jaccard-distance kurtosis euclidean-distance sample-wishart chebyshev-distance sample-binomial sample-chisq deriv-fn* deriv* safe-ant-name define-ant-task set-property! runonce set-properties! instantiate-task -main property-descriptor define-ant-type get-property-class task-names env checkout-deps-paths read-project checkout-deps make-path find-lib-jars get-classpath classpath clean empty-directory get-jvm-args find-native-lib-path get-by-pattern compilable-namespaces stale-namespaces eval-in-project deps ns->path compile get-arch get-os task-not-found resolve-task path->ns -main abort get-repository-list make-dependency make-repository help help-summary-for get-arglists help-for pom make-settings install jar make-model add-metadata make-artifact make-local-repo unix-path get-default-jar-name skip-file? write-jar make-manifest get-jar-filename make-pom make-pom-properties new read-git-origin make-git-scm make-exclusion make-mailing-list parse-github-url read-git-ref make-repository github-urls make-license relative-path read-git-head copy-out repl-server repl test form-for-testing-namespaces get-default-uberjar-name read-components uberjar include-dep copy-entries version tests watch test-namespaces run-tests re-test stop -init colorize str->ansi-color-str defconfig expand-subcontext-forms test-function-metadata resolve! defn! has-matching-signature? more-than returns no-matching-function-signature make-arg-checker never make-mock between validate-counts unexpected-args make-count-checker once less-than calls report-problem incorrect-invocation-count choose-from symbol-of string-of class-symbol data-name-for-generator-coll list-of collection-generator tests test-namespaces tests-in-namespace ns-vars sort-key test? dump-file dump-results error-string success-string result-context fail? error? failure-string pending? result-color result-name pending-string dot report name-line report-string report-lines story-lines result-string indent default-error-message context-lines report default-fail-message join-lines indent-lines success-result base-result fail-result test-description =>-assertion? make-test-name report-tally pending-result run-tests pending? test-name exit-code test-function-name tally rewrite-=> run-tests-and-exit error-result test-results should-repl should-exception-matches pps message-map pop-optional-args string-or-regex? match-fn class-symbol? run-with-story ns-wipe denamespace java-props->sh-args last-watched agent-watch-fn watch namespaces-to-test find-recent-namespaces-in-dir load-test-namespace try-ns mark-watched test-ns->source-ns run-watcher changed-test-namespaces load-source-and-test-namespace test-namespace load-source-namespace needs-test? re-test stop reload-exception-message test-namespaces-for-changed-source-namespaces enabled? source-ns->test-ns quit-dr dr-read caught inc-counter eval-with-locals lefts annotate pred add-class wrap zip-pred but-node union nth-child do-> select flatten-nodes-coll set-attr remove-attr nth-last-child append substitute html-resource has attr-values before text-pred zip-select-fragments* lockstep-transform text flatmap zip-select html-snippet cacheable re-pred after nth-last-of-type content zip-select-nodes* select-nodes* emit* intersection tag= cacheable? prepend node-selector? texts attr-has select-fragments* transform as-nodes sniptest* but at* html-content rights fragment-selector? attr? remove-class id= move right left xml-resource nth-of-type has-class comment? startparse-sax parse xml-zip document? swank macroexpand-all pretty-pr-code defslimefn slime-fn calculate-restarts eval-from-control eval-in-emacs-package maybe-ns who-specializes eval-for-emacs doall-seq send-repl-results-to-emacs cause-restart-for sldb-loop symbol-name-parts unmunge ns-path char-position locals-for-emacs source-location-for-frame control-loop position with-env-locals exception-stacktrace resolve-ns read-loop add-restart-if current-thread thread-set-name thread-for-evaluation eval-loop thread-alive? send-to-emacs make-restart spawn-worker-thread thread-id format-restarts-for-emacs invoke-debugger spawn-repl-thread find-or-spawn-repl-thread thread-name largest-common-prefix add-cause-restarts start-thread exception-causes find-first who-calls invoke-restart dispatch-event debugger-condition-for-emacs sldb-debug build-debugger-info-for-emacs local-non-functions deep-replace build-backtrace potential-classes potential-static potential-dot expand-wildcard class-file? jar-file? clojure-fn-file? instance-methods member-name member-static? potential-var-public potential-var static-fields nested-class-file? resolve-class top-level-class-file? potential-ns potential-completions potiential-classes-on-path class-or-ns-name static-methods scan-paths clojure-ns-file? split-compound-prefix-match? compound-prefix-match? unacronym camel-compound-prefix-match? delimited-compound-prefix-match-acronym? delimited-compound-prefix-match? add-hook run-hook read-from-connection write-to-connection make-connection assign-index label-value-line inspector-content value-part inspect-meta-information inspectee-title inspect-object ref-pop action-part ns-refers-by-ns reset-inspector inspect-in-emacs content-range print-part-to-string all-vars-who-call thread-map-id find-thread get-pid write-swank-message read-swank-message user-home-path call-on-flush-stream read-chars start-server-socket! start-swank-socket-server! announce-port-to-file simple-announce setup-server close-server-socket! make-server-socket close-socket! all-swank-ns relative-path-name clj-file? swank-ns? init file-name-to-swank-package-sym compile-swank swank-packages file-directory? file-last-modified delete-file-recursive all-files-in-directory clean-up swank-version swank-source-files decode-message dispatch-message register-dispatch log-event encode-message start-repl start-server ignore-protocol-version clean receive send get exactly falsey truthy anything in-any-order exactly expect* falsey call-faker user-file-position arg-matcher-maker truthy anything in-any-order exactly expect* falsey call-faker user-file-position arg-matcher-maker truthy anything in-any-order ask-passphrase passphrase ssh-sftp-cmd default-identity has-identity? ssh-shell session add-identity-with-keychain exec-channel sftp-channel ssh-exec default-session ssh-sftp ssh sftp shell-channel default-session-options make-identity ssh-agent? connected? capitalize add-identity open-channel connect create-ssh-agent disconnect defconstrainedfn do-report do-report poisson-distribution uniform-distribution beta-distribution f-distribution exponential-distribution t-distribution gamma-distribution chisq-distribution binomial-distribution neg-binomial-distribution auto-correlation new-object-tester run-list i-want partial-namespace-matcher combine-matchers dot-maker namespace-matcher enable-security-manager tree-map priv-action empty-perms-list context class-matcher sandbox whitelist add-reader-to-sandbox domain expand-and-quote stringify-sandbox thunk-timeout new-tester has-state? dot-replace function-matcher fn-seq combine-testers blacklist find-bad-forms s-seq extend-tester auto-setters icon-setters <3 kw-to-setter remove-known-keys has-index? insert-at group-container-args seq-ref-combobox-model drop-nth selected-item str-remove add-str-ref-doc-listener plain-str-ref-document string-ref-content str-insert button-example paint-donut graphics-example mapref-tree-model seq-ref-list-model tree-example grid-bag-example changed-path between calls cartesian-product combinations has-matching-signature? incorrect-invocation-count less-than lex-permutations make-arg-checker make-count-checker make-mock more-than never no-matching-function-signature once permutations report-problem returns selections subsets unexpected-args validate-counts anything with-constraints

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