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  • (destructure bindings)

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  • ; look ma, no let!
    (map #(intern *ns* (first %) (eval (last %))) (partition 2 (destructure '[[a b] ["a" "b"]])))
    user=> a
    user=> b
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(defn destructure [bindings]
  (let [bents (partition 2 bindings)
        pb (fn pb [bvec b v]
               (let [pvec
                     (fn [bvec b val]
                       (let [gvec (gensym "vec__")]
                         (loop [ret (-> bvec (conj gvec) (conj val))
                                n 0
                                bs b
                                seen-rest? false]
                           (if (seq bs)
                             (let [firstb (first bs)]
                                (= firstb '&) (recur (pb ret (second bs) (list `nthnext gvec n))
                                                     (nnext bs)
                                (= firstb :as) (pb ret (second bs) gvec)
                                :else (if seen-rest?
                                        (throw (new Exception "Unsupported binding form, only :as can follow & parameter"))
                                        (recur (pb ret firstb  (list `nth gvec n nil))
                                               (inc n)
                                               (next bs)
                     (fn [bvec b v]
                       (let [gmap (or (:as b) (gensym "map__"))
                             defaults (:or b)]
                         (loop [ret (-> bvec (conj gmap) (conj v)
                                        (conj gmap) (conj `(if (seq? ~gmap) (apply hash-map ~gmap) ~gmap)))
                                bes (reduce
                                     (fn [bes entry]
                                       (reduce #(assoc %1 %2 ((val entry) %2))
                                               (dissoc bes (key entry))
                                               ((key entry) bes)))
                                     (dissoc b :as :or)
                                     {:keys #(keyword (str %)), :strs str, :syms #(list `quote %)})]
                           (if (seq bes)
                             (let [bb (key (first bes))
                                   bk (val (first bes))
                                   has-default (contains? defaults bb)]
                               (recur (pb ret bb (if has-default
                                                   (list `get gmap bk (defaults bb))
                                                   (list `get gmap bk)))
                                      (next bes)))
                  (symbol? b) (-> bvec (conj b) (conj v))
                  (vector? b) (pvec bvec b v)
                  (map? b) (pmap bvec b v)
                  :else (throw (new Exception (str "Unsupported binding form: " b))))))
        process-entry (fn [bvec b] (pb bvec (first b) (second b)))]
    (if (every? symbol? (map first bents))
      (reduce process-entry [] bents))))
Vars in clojure.core/destructure: defn every? first let map reduce symbol?
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