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  • (fn & sigs)
(fn name? [params* ] exprs*)
(fn name? ([params* ] exprs*)+)

params => positional-params* , or positional-params* & next-param
positional-param => binding-form
next-param => binding-form
name => symbol

Defines a function

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  • ;; simple anonymous function passed to (map )
    user=> (map (fn [x] (* x x)) (range 1 10))
    (1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 81) 
    ;; anonymous function with a name.  not so anonymous now is it?
    ;; this is useful in stack traces
    (fn add [a b] (+ a b))
    ;; anonymous function with two params, the second is destructured
    user=> (reduce (fn [m [k v]] (assoc m v k)) {} {:b 2 :a 1 :c 3})
    {2 :b, 1 :a, 3 :c} 
    ;; define and instantly call an anonymous function
    user=> ((fn [a b c] (+ a b c)) 2 4 6)
    ;; define and instantly call an anonymous variadic function 
    ;; "nums" is a list here
    user=> ((fn [& nums] (/ (apply + nums) (count nums))) 1 2 3 4)
    ;; define and instantly call an anonymous mixed function
    ;; "nums" is a list, while "int" is a number
    user=> ((fn [int & nums] (+ int (/ (apply + nums) (count nums)))) 10 1 2 3 4)
    ;; define and instantly call an anonymous overloaded function 
    ;; even though it is quite pointless
    user=>  ((fn ([a] (inc a)) ([a b] (+ a b))) 3)
  • ;; the shortcut form for (fn ) is #( )
    ;; where parameters are referred by their index with the prefix %
    ;; the equivalent of 
    user=> ((fn [a b c] (+ a b c)) 2 4 6)
    ;; is
    user=> (#(+ %1 %2 %3) 2 4 6)
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    Same as (def name (fn [params* ] exprs*)) or (def name (fn ([para

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(defmacro fn
  "(fn name? [params* ] exprs*)
  (fn name? ([params* ] exprs*)+)

  params => positional-params* , or positional-params* & next-param
  positional-param => binding-form
  next-param => binding-form
  name => symbol

  Defines a function"
  {:added "1.0"}
  [& sigs]
    (let [name (if (symbol? (first sigs)) (first sigs) nil)
          sigs (if name (next sigs) sigs)
          sigs (if (vector? (first sigs)) (list sigs) sigs)
          psig (fn* [sig]
                 (let [[params & body] sig
                       conds (when (and (next body) (map? (first body))) 
                                           (first body))
                       body (if conds (next body) body)
                       conds (or conds (meta params))
                       pre (:pre conds)
                       post (:post conds)                       
                       body (if post
                              `((let [~'% ~(if (< 1 (count body)) 
                                            `(do ~@body) 
                                            (first body))]
                                 ~@(map (fn* [c] `(assert ~c)) post)
                       body (if pre
                              (concat (map (fn* [c] `(assert ~c)) pre) 
                   (maybe-destructured params body)))
          new-sigs (map psig sigs)]
        (if name
          (list* 'fn* name new-sigs)
          (cons 'fn* new-sigs))
        (meta &form))))
Vars in clojure.core/fn: cons defmacro let list* meta name with-meta
Used in 386 other vars (expand)
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