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  • (list & items)
Creates a new list containing the items.

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  • user=> (list 'a 'b 'c 'd 'e 'f 'g)
    (a b c d e f g)
    user=> (list 1 2 3)
    (1 2 3)
  • user=> (let [m {:1 1 :2 2 :3 3 :4 4}] (map list (keys m) (vals m)))
    ((:1 1) (:2 2) (:3 3) (:4 4))
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 ^{:arglists '([& items])
   :doc "Creates a new list containing the items."
   :added "1.0"}
  list (. clojure.lang.PersistentList creator))
Vars in clojure.core/list:
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booleans longs shorts bound-fn time if-not letfn for cond dosync with-open sync let dotimes defmethod lazy-cat defstruct with-in-str loop import defrecord with-out-str floats when-not ->> refer-clojure .. with-loading-context future doubles doto proxy-super assert memfn chars when-first definline pvalues ns reductions with-precision or defn condp with-local-vars with-bindings when-let amap -> while defmacro case ints agent-errors deftype bytes if-let and declare locking partition definterface delay defmulti proxy reify defonce io! lazy-seq when areduce binding doc emit-array-impls *local-javadocs* with-sh-dir with-sh-env with-bindings formatter-out formatter pp with-pprint-dispatch pprint-logical-block source dir do-template deftest- assert-predicate deftest *testing-vars* is testing try-expr assert-any are with-test-out set-test with-test *testing-contexts* with-junit-output with-tap-output walk deftype min-max defvar capture-and-send with-command-line imaginary cond-let raise handler-case defn-memo defhinted defunbound defonce- defalias defnk cell ?- <- trace-datalog build-atom with-in-reader with-out-append-writer with-out-writer deferror throw-msg continue continue-with with-handler do-not-handle raise* raise fcase re-case case in-case instance-case *local-javadocs* source run defadt defmethod* import-static with-in-reader with-out-append-writer with-out-writer with-system-properties with-connection formatter-out info log trace error spy with-logs warn enabled? debug fatal macrolet deftemplate defsymbolmacro with-symbol-macros symbol-macrolet with-direct-linking letfn- lazy-get vars times dir has-args expect docs with-monad domonad defmonad m-when-not m-when monad monad-transformer defmonadfn m-lift formatter prlabel pp with-pprint-dispatch pprint-logical-block select random-stream defstream lcg with-profile-data profile prof with-system-properties rec-seq rec-cat rotations rec-seq rec-cat rotations with-sh-dir with-sh-env with-sh-dir with-sh-env with-query-results transaction with-connection re-partition docodepoints dochars partition deftype- defst docodepoints dochars partition << do-swing do-swing-and-wait deftest- do-template assert-predicate deftest *testing-vars* is testing try-expr assert-any are with-test-out set-test with-test *testing-contexts* dotrace deftrace match with-ns with-temp-ns mapcat-chain seq-test tag= defservice time-series-plot box-plot add-box-plot add-categories stacked-bar-chart bar-chart heat-map xy-plot pie-chart scatter-plot dynamic-scatter-plot line-chart function-plot add-points histogram sliders add-function add-lines stacked-area-chart area-chart dynamic-xy-plot add-histogram combine-with infix-to-prefix $fn with-data transform-with with-rotation sketch with-translation permute sample-permutations deriv-fn deriv deriv-fn* deriv* reset define-ant-task -main has-run? define-ant-type deftarget define-all-ant-tasks compile defproject repl-server form-for-testing-namespaces describe testing-fn for-these it should defconfig describe expand-subcontext-forms defn! times has-args expect fail for-these collection-generator char-generator for-all generator testing-fn it with-timing rewrite-=> debug-repl pop-optional-args local-bindings should given and when then wtf with-re-defn local-bindings eval-with-locals strict-mode transform-content deftemplate snippet* defsnippets template defsnippet transformation at clone-for sniptest let-select snippet lockstep-transformation swank macroexpand-all* defslimefn eval-for-emacs with-emacs-package send-repl-results-to-emacs sldb-loop dothread-keeping-clj break locals-for-emacs source-location-for-frame with-env-locals eval-and-grab-output failing-gracefully exception-stacktrace continuously frame-locals-and-catch-tags find-definitions-for-emacs dothread-keeping one-of? set-package connection-info local-bindings returning format-restarts-for-emacs keep-bindings compile-string-for-emacs dothread dothread-swank dispatch-event debugger-condition-for-emacs build-debugger-info-for-emacs with-package-tracking simple-completions completions with-timeout fuzzy-completions defhook with-connection label-value-line value-part inspect-meta-information inspect-object action-part label-value-line* content-range with-swank-io decode-message start-repl call-being-tested expect fake with-default-identity memfn-varargs with-connection when-feature with-default-session-options with-ssh-agent defcontract with-constraints defconstrainedfn expand-and-quote s-seq toggle-button button-group radio-button radio-button-menu-item auto-setters general-button add-action-listener button icon-setters check-box check-box-menu-item combo-box add-listener label split-vertical shelf set-constraint! general-panel split-horizontal jlist stack text-field frame list-model tree panel scroll-panel add-list-selection-listener combinations expect has-args lex-permutations times contract provide-contracts

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