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  • (load-file name)
Sequentially read and evaluate the set of forms contained in the file.

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  • ;; Very useful from a REPL
    ;; Paths are specified as strings using canonical file path notation 
    ;; (rather than clojure-style namespaces dependent on the JVM classpath).
    ;; The working directory is set to wherever you invoked the JVM from, 
    ;; likely the project root.
    (load-file "src/mylib/core.clj")
    ;; now you can go and evaluate vars defined in that file.
  • ;; file located at src/address_book/core.clj
    ;; current dir is src/..
    (load-file "src/address_book/core.clj")
  • ;; create a clojure file on the fly using spit
    ;; then load it into the REPL and use its function
    user=> (spit "mycode.clj" "(defn doub [x] (* x 2))")
    user=> (load-file "mycode.clj")
    user=> (doub 23)
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    Loads Clojure code from resources in classpath. A path is interpreted

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    Opposite of slurp. Opens f with writer, writes content, then close

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