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  • (satisfies? protocol x)
Returns true if x satisfies the protocol

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  • (ns foo)
    (defprotocol Foo
      (foo [this]))
    (defprotocol Bar
      (bar [this]))
    (extend java.lang.Number
      {:bar (fn [this] 42)})
    (extend java.lang.String
      {:foo (fn [this] "foo")}
      {:bar (fn [this] "forty two")})
    (satisfies? Foo "zam") ; => true
    (satisfies? Bar "zam") ; => true
    (satisfies? Foo 123)   ; => false
    (satisfies? Bar 123)   ; => true
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(defn satisfies? 
  "Returns true if x satisfies the protocol"
  {:added "1.2"}
  [protocol x]
  (boolean (find-protocol-impl protocol x)))
Vars in clojure.core/satisfies?: boolean defn find-protocol-impl
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