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  • (when-first bindings & body)
bindings => x xs

Same as (when (seq xs) (let [x (first xs)] body))

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  • user=> (when-first [a [1 2 3]] a)
    user=> (when-first [a []] a)
    user=> (when-first [a nil] a)
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(defmacro when-first
  "bindings => x xs

  Same as (when (seq xs) (let [x (first xs)] body))"
  {:added "1.0"}
  [bindings & body]
  (assert-args when-first
     (vector? bindings) "a vector for its binding"
     (= 2 (count bindings)) "exactly 2 forms in binding vector")
  (let [[x xs] bindings]
    `(when (seq ~xs)
       (let [~x (first ~xs)]
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