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  • (map-invert m)
Returns the map with the vals mapped to the keys.

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  • ;; Despite being in clojure.set, this has nothing to do with sets. 
    user=> (map-invert {:a 1, :b 2})
    {2 :b, 1 :a}
    ;; If there are duplicate keys, one is chosen:
    user=> (map-invert {:a 1, :b 1})
    {1 :b}
    ;; I suspect it'd be unwise to depend on which key survives the clash.
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(defn map-invert
  "Returns the map with the vals mapped to the keys."
  {:added "1.0"}
  [m] (reduce (fn [m [k v]] (assoc m v k)) {} m))
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