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If set to logical true, when printing an object, its metadata will also
be printed in a form that can be read back by the reader.

Defaults to false.

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  • user=> (binding [*print-meta* true] 
             (pr (var defmacro)) )
    ;;^{:macro true, :ns #<Namespace clojure.core>, :name defmacro, :arglists ^{:line 424, :column 15} ([name doc-string? attr-map? [params*] body] [name doc-string? attr-map? ^{:line 425, :column 46} ([params*] body) + attr-map?]), :column 1, :added "1.0", :doc "Like defn, but the resulting function name is declared as a\n  macro and will be used as a macro by the compiler when it is\n  called.", :line 419, :file "clojure/core.clj"} #'clojure.core/defmacro
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    Prints the object(s) to the output stream that is the current value

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"printing an object" means via pr not print or println

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