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  • (char x)
Coerce to char

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  • ;; can coerce an int (or similar)
    user=> (char 97)
    ;; a byte can be coerced to a char
    user=> (let [bytes-array (.getBytes "abc")]
             (char (first bytes-array)))
    ;; char is just a function
    user=> (map char [65 66 67 68])
    (\A \B \C \D)
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(defn char
  "Coerce to char"
  {:inline (fn  [x] `(. clojure.lang.RT (~(if *unchecked-math* 'uncheckedCharCast 'charCast) ~x)))
   :added "1.1"}
  [x] (. clojure.lang.RT (charCast x)))
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