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  • ;; print-dup can be used for basic serialization
    ;; the following methods write/read clojure forms to/from a file
    (defn to-file
      "Save a clojure form to a file"
      [#^java.io.File file form]
      (with-open [w (java.io.FileWriter. file)]
        (print-dup form w)))
    (defn from-file
      "Load a clojure form from file."
      [#^java.io.File file]
      (with-open [r (java.io.PushbackReader. (java.io.FileReader. file))]
         (read r)))
  • ;; print-dup is a multimethod, you can extend it to support new types.
    ;; The following statement adds print-dup support to 
    ;; the java.util.Date class
    (defmethod print-dup java.util.Date [o w]
      (print-ctor o (fn [o w] (print-dup (.getTime  o) w)) w)) 
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(defmulti print-dup (fn [x writer] (class x)))
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