• (ns-map ns)
Returns a map of all the mappings for the namespace.

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  • (ns-map 'clojure.core)
    {sorted-map #'clojure.core/sorted-map, read-line #'clojure.core/read-line, re-pattern #'clojure.core/re-pattern, keyword? #'clojure.core/keyword?, ClassVisitor clojure.asm.ClassVisitor, asm-type #'clojure.core/asm-type, val #'clojure.core/val, ...chop...}
  • ;; See also http://clojure.org/namespaces for information on namespaces in Clojure and how to inspect and manipulate them
  • ;; ns-map = ns-refers + ns-interns + ns-imports
    user=> (count (ns-imports *ns*))
    ;;=> 96
    user=> (count (ns-interns *ns*))
    ;;=> 2
    user=> (count (ns-refers *ns*))
    ;;=> 590
    user=> (+ *1 *2 *3)
    ;;=> 688
    user=> (count (ns-map *ns*))
    ;;=> 688
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(defn ns-map
  "Returns a map of all the mappings for the namespace."
  {:added "1.0"
   :static true}
  (.getMappings (the-ns ns)))
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