• (ns-unalias ns sym)
Removes the alias for the symbol from the namespace.

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  • ;; You are having a problem loading a redefined namespace:
    user=> (load "src/clj/com/tizra/layout_expander.clj")
    #<IllegalStateException java.lang.IllegalStateException: Alias xml already exists in namespace com.tizra.layout-expander, aliasing com.tizra.xml-match>
    ;; ns-unalias to the rescue!
    user=> (ns-unalias (find-ns 'com.tizra.layout-expander) 'xml)
    user=> (load "src/clj/com/tizra/layout_expander.clj")
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(defn ns-unalias
  "Removes the alias for the symbol from the namespace."
  {:added "1.0"
   :static true}
  [ns sym]
  (.removeAlias (the-ns ns) sym))
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