• (println-str & xs)
println to a string, returning it

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  • ;; Create a newline-terminated string from the items and store it in x.
    user=> (def x (println-str 1 "foo" \b \a \r {:a 2}))
    ;; It's a string.
    user=> (string? x)
    ;; Notice that the items are separated by a space.  Also, the newline string is
    ;; platform-specific. See clojure.core/newline.
    user=> x
    "1 foo b a r {:a 2}\r\n"
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(defn println-str
  "println to a string, returning it"
  {:tag String
   :added "1.0"
   :static true}
  [& xs]
     (apply println xs)))
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