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  • (use 'clojure.zip)
    ;;using our old friend struct for performance in maps 
    (struct element :httplink {:href "http://clojure.org"} nil)
    {:tag   :httplink, 
     :attrs {:href "http://clojure.org"}, 
     :content nil}
    ;;these elements can be output to ordinary xml strings with emit-element
    (emit-element (struct element :httplink {:href "http://clojure.org"} nil))
    <httplink href='http://clojure.org'/>
    ;;this is printed - can be catched with macro with-out-str
    ;;make hierarchies:
    (struct element :parent {:name "Barbara"} 
      [(struct element :children {:name "Gina"} nil) 
       (struct element :children {:name "John"} nil)])
    {:tag :parent, :attrs {:name "Barbara"}, :content 
       [{:tag :children, :attrs {:name "Gina"}, :content nil} 
        {:tag :children, :attrs {:name "John"}, :content nil}]}
    ;;which can be emit-elemented as well
    (emit-element {:tag :parent, :attrs {:name "Barbara"}, :content [{:tag :children, :attrs {:name "Gina"}, :content nil} {:tag :children, :attrs {:name "John"}, :content nil}]})
    <parent name='Barbara'>
     <children name='Gina'/>
     <children name='John'/>
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(defstruct element :tag :attrs :content)
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