• (vector-zip root)
Returns a zipper for nested vectors, given a root vector

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  • (require '[ :as zip])
    (defn zip-map [f loc]
      " Map f over every node of the zipper.
        The function received has the form (f node-value loc),
        the node value and its location"
      (loop [z loc]
        (if (zip/end? z)
          (zip/root z) ; perhaps you can call zip/seq-zip or zip/vector-zip?
          (recur (zip/next (zip/edit z f z))))))
    ;; Multiply by 100 every node in the tree
    user=> (zip-map (fn [n nx] (if (vector? n) n (* n 100) )) (zip/vector-zip '[5 [10 20 30] [1 2 3] ]))
    ;; Be careful! the returned result by zip/root is not a zipper anymore!
    [500 [1000 2000 3000] [100 200 300]]
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(defn vector-zip
  "Returns a zipper for nested vectors, given a root vector"
  {:added "1.0"}
    (zipper vector?
            (fn [node children] (with-meta (vec children) (meta node)))
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