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A simple library that provides functions for persisting 
Incanter data structures using MongoDB.

Use incanter.mongodb in combination with the somnium.congomongo library.
For usage examples, see the Congomongo README at http://github.com/somnium/congomongo,
and the examples/blog/mongodb_datasets.clj file in the Incanter distribution.

Here are Somnium's descriptions of Congomongo's functions:

(mongo! & args) : Creates a Mongo object and sets the default database.
Keyword arguments include:
:host -> defaults to localhost
:port -> defaults to 27017
:db -> defaults to nil (you'll have to set it anyway, might as well do it now.)

(get-coll coll) : Returns a DBCollection object

(fetch coll & options) : Fetches objects from a collection. Optional arguments include
:where -> takes a query map
:only -> takes an array of keys to retrieve
:as -> what to return, defaults to :clojure, can also be :json or :mongo
:from -> argument type, same options as above
:one? -> defaults to false, use fetch-one as a shortcut
:count? -> defaults to false, use fetch-count as a shortcut

(fetch-one coll & options) : same as (fetch collection :one? true)

(fetch-count coll & options) : same as (fetch collection :count? true)

(insert! coll obj & options) : Inserts a map into collection. Will not overwrite existing maps.
Takes optional from and to keyword arguments. To insert
as a side-effect only specify :to as nil.

(mass-insert! coll objs & options) : Inserts a sequence of maps.

(update! coll old new & options) : Alters/inserts a map in a collection. Overwrites existing objects.
The shortcut forms need a map with valid :_id and :_ns fields or
a collection and a map with a valid :_id field.

(destroy! coll query-map) : Removes map from collection. Takes a collection name and
a query map

(add-index! coll fields & options) : Adds an index on the collection for the specified fields if it does not exist.
Options include:
:unique -> defaults to false
:force -> defaults to true

(drop-index! coll fields) : Drops an index on the collection for the specified fields

(drop-all-indexes! coll) : Drops all indexes from a collection

(get-indexes coll & options) : Get index information on collection

(drop-database title) : drops a database from the mongo server

(set-database title) : atomically alters the current database

(databases) : List databases on the mongo server

(collections) : Returns the set of collections stored in the current database

(drop-collection coll) : Permanently deletes a collection. Use with care.

Vars in incanter.mongodb