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(defmacro sketch [& methods]
" Returns a Processing PApplet with the given methods.

    methods -- Processing methods including: setup (require)
               draw, mousePressed, etc.


(use '(incanter core processing))

(let [map-image (ref nil)
      sktch (sketch

              ;; define the setup function
              (setup []
                (dosync (ref-set map-image
                                 (load-image this \"examples/images/map.png\")))
                (size this 640 400))

              ;; define the draw function
              (draw []
                (doto this
                  ;(background-float 255)
                  (background 255)
                  (image @map-image 0 0))))]

  (view-sketch sktch :title \"US Map\" :width 640 :height 400))


  `(let [sktch# (proxy [processing.core.PApplet] [] ~@methods)]
     (do (.init sktch#)
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