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  • (source-location-for-frame frame)

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(defn source-location-for-frame [#^StackTraceElement frame]
  (let [line     (.getLineNumber frame)
        filename (if (.. frame getFileName (endsWith ".java"))
                   (.. frame getClassName (replace \. \/)
                       (substring 0 (.lastIndexOf (.getClassName frame) "."))
                       (concat (str File/separator (.getFileName frame))))
                   (let [ns-path (classname-to-path
                                  ((re-find #"(.*?)\$"
                                            (.getClassName frame)) 1))]
                     (if ns-path
                       (str ns-path File/separator (.getFileName frame))
                       (.getFileName frame))))
        path     (slime-find-file filename)]
    `(:location ~path (:line ~line) nil)))
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