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  • (eval-for-emacs form buffer-package id)

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(defn eval-for-emacs [form buffer-package id]
   (binding [*current-package* buffer-package
             *pending-continuations* (cons id *pending-continuations*)]
     (if-let [f (slime-fn (first form))]
       (let [form (cons f (rest form))
             result (doall-seq (eval-in-emacs-package form))]
         (run-hook *pre-reply-hook*)
         (send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread))
                                  (:ok ~result) ~id)))
       ;; swank function not defined, abort
       (send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id))))
   (catch Throwable t
     ;; Thread/interrupted clears this thread's interrupted status; if
     ;; Thread.stop was called on us it may be set and will cause an
     ;; InterruptedException in one of the send-to-emacs calls below

     ;; (.printStackTrace t #^java.io.PrintWriter *err*)

      (debug-quit-exception? t)
        (send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id))
        (if-not (zero? *sldb-level*)
          (throw t)))

      (debug-abort-exception? t)
        (send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id))
        (if-not (zero? *sldb-level*)
          (throw *debug-abort-exception*)))

      (debug-continue-exception? t)
        (send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id))
        (throw t))

        (set! *e t)
          (if *debug-swank-clojure* t (.getCause t))
         ;; reply with abort
         (finally (send-to-emacs `(:return ~(thread-name (current-thread)) (:abort) ~id)))))))))
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