• (split-compound-prefix-match? symbol-string potential)

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(defn split-compound-prefix-match? [#^String symbol-string #^String potential]
  (if (.startsWith symbol-string ".")
    (and (.startsWith potential ".")
         (camel-compound-prefix-match? symbol-string potential))
    (let [[sym-ns sym-name] (symbol-name-parts symbol-string)
          [pot-ns pot-name] (symbol-name-parts potential)]
      (and (or (= sym-ns pot-ns)
               (and sym-ns pot-ns
                    (delimited-compound-prefix-match-acronym? "." sym-ns pot-ns)))
           (or (delimited-compound-prefix-match-acronym? "-." sym-name pot-name)
               (camel-compound-prefix-match? sym-name pot-name))))))
Vars in swank.commands.contrib.swank-c-p-c.internal/split-compound-prefix-match?: = and defn let or
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