AdzerkDurham, NC

$70,000-120,000 ∙ 0.1-0.5%

Job Description

Ready to put all those ideas about scalability into practice in a situation where you really need it? We’re helping StackOverflow, reddit, and other sites that you’ve probably heard of serve over a billion ads per day… and that number is growing very fast.

Adzerk engineers are responsible for working on all parts of the system. This includes the front-end web application, back-end services, and the ad delivery engines. Our platform is built using Node.js with Coffeescript, Clojure, Mono, JQuery, MongoDB, and Hadoop, with a whole lot of AWS and Chef. We’re currently serving over 25,000 req/sec (and growing fast), so you’ll get to work on some real scalability challenges.

Performance and scalability are our two primary concerns, and with the traffic and growth rates that we’re experiencing, lots of the lessons that you’ve learned start to break down. Because of that, it’s not as important what you know right now – what matters is how quickly you can learn and adapt.

Things you should be interested in -- or even better, have experience with:

  • Clojure
  • Large-scale distributed systems
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Bonus points for startup experience!
  • Things you should know about us:

We have an engineering-driven culture, and our CEO is a software developer. We have no professional managers — everyone contributes.

Your work will have an immediate and profound impact on our product and business.

We ship code dozens of times a week.

You will have the freedom and responsibility for choosing what tools and libraries we use.

We use the open source model internally to manage our work. We submit pull requests, and other engineers review them before merging.

We prize open source, and do our best to contribute back to the community.

Everyone gets equity. We want a team of partners.

We all have unlimited vacation. We work hard, but at a sustainable pace.

You must be eligible to work in the United States and willing to work in Adzerk's Durham, NC office.

About Adzerk

At Adzerk we are passionate about making the internet a better place. We are the ad serving infrastructure for awesome companies like reddit, StackOverflow, Bittorrent, Yummly, Strava and many others. We serve over a billion impressions a month, over 25k requests a second, and continue to grow at an awesome pace.