Migrate your old ClojureDocs account

One of the mistakes we made with ClojureDocs v1 was maintaining user accounts and identities on-property. The last thing you need is to remember a new login / password combination, and we want as little as possible of your personal information in our database as possible.

Therefore, we're going to rely on 3rd party services to provide authentication for the site, specifically GitHub Auth, which will solve the problems above, and, bonus, make it easier to maintain the site.

How it Works

Enter the email address associated with your ClojureDocs account below, and we'll send an email to that account with instructions on how to associate your old ClojureDocs data (Examples, See-Alsos, and Notes), with your GitHub login.

If you're not sure what the email associated with your old ClojureDocs account is, send an email to [email protected].