Available since 1.0 (source)
  • (proxy class-and-interfaces args & fs)
class-and-interfaces - a vector of class names
 args - a (possibly empty) vector of arguments to the superclass
 f => (name [params*] body) or
(name ([params*] body) ([params+] body) ...)
 Expands to code which creates a instance of a proxy class that
implements the named class/interface(s) by calling the supplied
fns. A single class, if provided, must be first. If not provided it
defaults to Object.
 The interfaces names must be valid interface types. If a method fn
is not provided for a class method, the superclass method will be
called. If a method fn is not provided for an interface method, an
UnsupportedOperationException will be thrown should it be
called. Method fns are closures and can capture the environment in
which proxy is called. Each method fn takes an additional implicit
first arg, which is bound to 'this. Note that while method fns can
be provided to override protected methods, they have no other access
to protected members, nor to super, as these capabilities cannot be