Available since 1.0 (source)
  • (read)
  • (read stream)
  • (read stream eof-error? eof-value)
  • (read stream eof-error? eof-value recursive?)
  • (read opts stream)
Reads the next object from stream, which must be an instance of or some derivee.  stream defaults to the
current value of *in*.
 Opts is a persistent map with valid keys:
  :read-cond - :allow to process reader conditionals, or
               :preserve to keep all branches
  :features - persistent set of feature keywords for reader conditionals
  :eof - on eof, return value unless :eofthrow, then throw.
         if not specified, will throw
 Note that read can execute code (controlled by *read-eval*),
and as such should be used only with trusted sources.
 For data structure interop use clojure.edn/read